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To whom it may concern,

My name is Amanda Dinse, I am a freelance artist. I am proposing a project I would like to entitle, “Addictions Untitled”. My goal is to collect as many letters or notes as I can anonymously or if people would like to identify themselves that is fine. These letters can consist of a couple words, or 100, it is whatever people feel, or want to express on how addiction has affected their lives. I am looking to hear from addicts, those effected by addiction, such as family, friends etc. And I don’t want to limit addiction to drugs, it could be self-harm, eating disorders etc. I myself am an addict of self-harm, a recovering addict of drugs, anorexia and bulimia and I am also family, friends, and have worked as a rehab counselor and have experienced addiction in so many forms, I really want people to see that addiction is not just about the addict but the effects on everyone and everything around them. The death toll from overdoses is climbing and I know so many people that have lost parents, children, family, friend to addiction, I wish I had a magical cure to make it stop but of course I don’t. I am hoping to create a compilation of these writings of those affected by addiction and incorporate photography to maybe open the eyes to one person or maybe 100 to what they are doing to themselves, what they are doing to others, and give people a resource to know that they are not alone, others are going through similar things and maybe provide resources that people can reach out to. I am not asking people to stop miraculously, but maybe get out of that “all about me” addict mind set that may come along and see the pain they are causing others.

Amanda Dinse


If you are interested in participating by entering a submission, you are welcome to mail unmarked to Amanda Dinse, 46 Eaton St, Springville, Ny 14141. I would love your help in making this come to fruition. If you are interested in seeing some of my work you are welcome to check out my website at or visit my facebook, Amandapotshop, please note I do pottery ha ha. Feel free to pm me or leave a message on my website. Thank you so much for even just reading this. Peace and Love to all of you.